What's your style?

We are rooted in the photojournalism that focus on surroundings, nature of human and spontaneous moment as basis, as our principle is the “Real is Worthiness”. We want to capture a complete story that will forever be a reminder of your true feelings at that time in your life. Less poses that look stiff and less adjustments to dramatic alterations in the look, you will look naturally beautiful in our completed work.

I would like to book the service(s) What's next? How about the deposit and is it refundable?

After you've made your decision to buy our service(s), the Deposit as of 50% of the total service price shall be collected. And as your deposit guarantees your booking, meaning we cannot accept another job or all other requests for the same day once its made. So it's non-refundable in any cases, you can spend time as much as you can before you've agreed to buy our service(s) :)

I've already booked and confirmed you via email, why do you release my booking?

We do not know when the booking comes, so if you've confirmed the booking we would like to ensure that you mean really want to have us, not just a spare...when there is a multiple booking comes to the same day as your required, a “first paid-first served” shall be automatically applicable. BUT you as the first come person, we will give the reasonable time to perform remittance and if you cannot perform within our period, we reserve the rights to release your booking by without notice.

How much time you complete Photo/Video process?

For photo - We spend 2 weeks (minimum time) as basis for the hourly service is not exceed 3 hours and 4 weeks as maximum time for the hourly services up to 12 hours. For Video - We normally spend 4 weeks (standard time) to complete post-production.